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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Last Night in Ireland...

So I know the last couple days have been slacking in the blog, but I've been really taking up my last few days in Ireland. It's about 11:30 PM here local time and we need to leave the apartment by 5:30 AM tomorrow to catch our flight out of Dublin International Airport.

I did want to give you a taste of what we did on our last day. It consisted of lunch at Frenchie's restaurant in Clough, a day at the horseraces and a farewell reception by the Friends of St. Patrick - Downpatrick. It was a great day and they'll be more details to are some pictures!

My losing horse...Secret Police.

Mame, Dr. Campbell, myself and Allie at the races!

Bridget, Kate and Bobby...the gamblers of the group!

The 2009 Young Ambassadors on their last night.
Bobby (Milwaukee), Bridget (Milwaukee), Kate (Indiana), Mame (Washington, D.C.), Me, Marren (Minnesota), Jim (Chicago), Meghan (Minnesota)
and Allie (Minnesota)
Adam and myself...looking forward to Adam's visit to Milwaukee this summer!


  • At 10:48 AM , Blogger Gréagóir O'Longaigh said...

    Let me know when you're back in Madison. I'll buy you a pint and you can tell me everything you DIDN'T write about in this blog!


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